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Language Selection Problem


Hi, this is a very good module but I think that something is not working as it should. When I logged in as admin and when I view the pages in front end, everything is fine. But when I log out, problems arise. Website accepts to change the language but not all pages want to display the new selected language, they keeps the old language. If you do reset the language you need to refresh the web site several times to be returned to normal. For example, I have a contact page in English. I want to translate it into French. I do the translating of that page. Sign out from dashboard. I open my site and it works well. I choose the French culture with cookie culture picker located in footer while I am on the contact page. Then there is confusion. First the language not changed. Yo click again and nothing. You do (ctrl+f5) and you have the page on Franch language. After that you can not return to English. Whether it is a bug or am I doing something wrong? I use Orchard 1.7.0. Thank You.


richmaxim wrote Dec 5, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Hi Bokije31,

Yes, I know about that issue and already fixed that.

Actually, I pulled new version as source code. It's not carefully tested yet but I'm on way.

You can get latest source code and try.

Be careful, here is few breaking changes were done. So, please do backup for your existing site.